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Lunch: 10:00-17:00
Dinner: 17:00-20:30 order stop
Service time: 20:30-


Shabu-shabu is a Japanese cooking style where dinners cook thin slices of meat quickly in boiling broth and then dip them in sauce.
Shabu-shabu originated in China, where lamb was the meat of choice. It has become widely known in Japan since 1952 when a butcher shop in Osaka used beef which many Japanese prefer.
"Shabu-shabu" was named for the sound produced by the broth produced while cooking slices of meat, as it is similar to the sound of water when we wash clothes.
Shabu-shabu is a simple and healthy meat dish that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This is an all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu restaurant. We hope you will be satisfied with our quality and quantity!


Offering exceptional shabu-shabu menus in a setting of sheer luxury, the Shaburi brand has received praise and accolades from the media in various countries. Shaburi strives to bring out the best in the distinctive Japanese food culture, through fabulous concoctions of flavors executed with style, precision and simplicity.


Shaburi's Model

[ Why our beef is delicious and healthy ]

We use wagyu from Australia,
Which has a sweet taste that is melt-in-the-mouth delicious!

[ Five kinds of healthy dashi soup ]

Our Soup is made from fresh vegetables and selected ingredients.
We spend a lot of time and effort preparing each one.

Abundant with calcium and minerals.
Good for children
and pregnant women、
Effect: Prevent fatigue, stress and improve stomach condition.

The combination of sweetness and flavor
will make the ingredients taste better.
By adding eggs (side other), the beef will be even
more tasty and flavorful.

Rich in collagen for those who want
to improve skin condition.

Effect of miso: Studies found that miso prevents stomach condition,
and even lowers risk of aging and fatigue.
The hotness will keep you wanting more!
Shaburi's recommendation.

Taste the mild and spicy Japanese red pepper
in this Gochujang based soup. Taste it's
perfect blend. Let's worry less about fat

[ Our fresh ingredients are simple and healthy ]

The minimum amount of vegetable we need to take per day is said to be approximately 350g.
It sounds like a lot but it is easy to reach this quota by eating shabu-shabu.

We, Shaburi, use fresh vegetables, and we favour organically grown vegetables where possible,
in order to ensure maximum nutrition.


Those who are above height of 140cm
Diners older than 60 years old are considered to be senior and charged senior price.

We do not allow take out.
If leaving excess food, we might charge a food wastage fee (Rp.50.000/100g). So please keep in mind when you order.

Children who under the age 2 or height of 100cm do not need to purchase,
and those whose height is between 110-140cm will be charged children price.

The time limit for the buffet is 90 minutes.
Upon arrival, we will take you to your seat and explain the regulations of the buffet. The last order is 15 minutes before the time limit ends.

We charge a 6% service fee and 10% tax on all listed prices.

How to make the dashi soup taste better?

The key to an enjoyable shabu-shabu experience is variety!

Complement our excellent ingredients and mouthwatering broth with Shaburi's wide assortment of toppings. If you find a taste you like, please let us know!

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How to reach us :

SHABURI, Japanese Shabu-shabu
Pacific Place Mall 5F Tel: 5797 3247
Gandaria City Mall UG Floor Tel: 2923 6828
Kota Kasablanka, UG Floor Tel: 2961 2729
Grand Indonesia, 3A Floor Tel: 2358 1265
Puri Indah Mall, 2nd Floor Tel: 5835 2257
Mall Kelapa Gading II, 2nd Floor Tel: 4587 8290
Senayan City, 4th Floor Tel: 7278 1410
Pondok Indah Mall 2, 3rd Floor Tel: 7592 0994
Galaxy Mall Surabaya Tel: 031-5937368
Living World, GF Floor Tel: 021-29239508
Neo Soho, LG Floor Tel: 021-27893382
Plaza Ambarrukmo, Level 3 Tel: 0274-4331233
Terminal 3 Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Level 2 Tel: 021 - 808 22110 - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Pakuwon Mall, 2nd floor, Tel: 031-9914 7300
Bintaro Jaya Xchange, UG level, Tel: 021-7450043
Bella Terra, GF level, Tel: 021-22455719 - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Supermal Karawaci, UG level, Tel: 021-54212070
Paris Van Java Bandung, GF level, Tel: 022 - 82063458
Baywalk Mall Pluit, level 1, Tel: 021 - 29839050 - TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Lippo Mall Kemang, Ground Floor, Tel: 021 - 29528470
Lotte Shopping Avenue, Ground Floor, Tel: 021 - 29888872
Margo City Depok, level 1, Tel: 021 - 78870912
Uskup Agung Medan, Tel: 061 - 4510469
Grand Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Tel: 021 - 2957 9992
Trans Studio Mall Makassar, Tel: 0411 - 8054 713
Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tel: 021 - 2931 0521
Trans Studio Cibubur, Tel: 021 - 3971 5607
Grand Batam, Tel: 0778 - 4888 967
Trans Studio Bali, Tel: 0361 - 620 7031
Paragon Mall Semarang, Level 2, Tel: 0284 - 6579024
Lunch: 10:00-17:00
Dinner: 17:00-20:30 Order Stop


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